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At KMT we believe every good person should learn good self-defense. Whether it be Traditional Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Freestyle, Armed or Unarmed, From ANY culture! If it can help you handle today's real life threats or dangers we're for it. It just makes sense. Give me the bad points. There aren't any. Better health, offers physical exercise, strengthens "mental attitude". "SELF-PRESERVATION!" In today's world there is a good chance you may have a violent encounter throughout your lifetime. We should feel safe and confident while living our lives.

Wayne King Jr, Sifu

Sifu King is a husband, father, animal caretaker. He is also a certified martial arts instructor with 20 yrs training experience and 10 yrs teaching experience.  Wayne's interest in martial arts started at an early age but not in a traditional sense. Wayne changed high schools on a regular basis, resulting in constant bullying. Having to "scrap" wasn't uncommon. During this time, (when he wasn't training in sports), he and his father would analyze great boxers of the time. Wayne Sr understood the importance of gun knowledge also and from a very early age Sifu King knew how to handle a variety of weapons from going on hunting and shooting excursions. After graduating high school he joined the Army in 1983 serving his country as a Military Policeman both in the states and South Korea. At this time he practiced basic hand-to-hand combat skills and fire arms training. After a three year stint he returned home getting a security guard job. It was at this job a co-worker gave him copies of "Bruce Lee's Fighting Method." Eager to start more structured training he spent time training in Shaolin Kempo earning an intermediate student ranking. Realizing that style wasn't for him Sifu King continued to practice what he could on his own, but needed to find an instructor. After moving to S. Florida in the mid-90's he studied Kuntao for a very short time. In 1998 he found David Gallahers Gung Fu Institute and has never left. He is an active certified senior Jeet Kune Do instructor with extensive training in Wing Chun, Kali, Arnis and Escrima under Grand Master David Gallaher at   Sifu King currently teaches in Port Charlotte, Fl. at